Dear Diary

September 25, 2022

Not my day!

Have you ever woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I’m talking generally pissed off all day for no reason at all? If you’re saying yes, congratulations I did the same thing today. For those people who have never experienced this, you should be very greatful for having such sanity.

How it all started…

5AM wake up calls aren’t fun for anyone I suppose, but when it’s completely unexpected it tends to simply hit differently. This means as I was asleep, dreaming happy dreams, I was rudely awakened by none other than the love of my life, blood in my veins, first baby girl, Isabella Marie!

Mama Baby!!!

In her defense, she has a cold, but nonetheless a, “why are you awake and screaming bloody murder at 5AM” is still in order. Concerned, I get up and grab her instinctively, only to find out she simply lost her pacifier. “Pa’ pa’, eat eat!?” Baby girl, why. If you don’t take your little booty back to sleep! I gave her a cup, her pacifier, and held her in my arms but SHE STARTED FIGHTING ME!


Finally, I got her and myself back to sleep. Shortly after, my man’s mother woke up and that woke me up, which woke Isa up, then woke Sweet (the dog) up. Now you have one elderly lady with dementia doing RANdom things at 8:30AM, a one year old baby crying, a small teenage dog barking at Max volume, and a very irritated Ran trying not to get visibily irritated however it didn’t quite work that way.



I cooked breakfast. Yep, that’s what I did. I cooked breakfast. I fed everyone then took a nap. Slightly cursed out my boyfriend then fixed him a plate. I honestly was very upset but in my attempt to keep the peace, instead of continuously doing things that would surely have a negative reaction, I tried a different approach.


Why is this little girl still screaming in my ear! You’re fed, dry, medicated, and safe while watching your shows and none of that is making you happy. I pick you up, and you hug me then get down run away, and get into things I don’t want you to.

Little girl, fans and fingers are not a good mix, LEAVE THE FAN ALONE!

Little girl, no no, Mommy’s laptop is not a toy. LEAVE IT ALONE!

No Bells! Don’t climb on that, you can fall and hurt yourself! GET DOWN AND LEAVE IT ALONE!

The girl can open drawers now, which isn’t the problem at hand in this case. Opening them is cool and all, but she’s still too short to see what’s inside. However, she is abnormally strong! The little girl tries to spider-man the cabinet to get inside the drawers. Once again, NO, NO BELLS! GET DOWN! LEAVE IT ALONE!

This is my life now. This is what I wanted. This is what I chose. I am actively searching for multiple streams of income so that I can be home for this very purpose. I love it I do, but this is also stressful and highly annoying at times.


How do you deal with these moments? How do you calm yourself in the moment when simple things are prying at your finger nails? I can’t be the only woman who has had a day where little things where huge!

Comment with information.








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