My new adventure of a Stay-At-Home mom includes finding a schedule that works for everyone. So far I haven’t actually been on a schedule that anyone can truly follow. It’s basically all played by ear. Ideally I would love to be able to wake up early enough to have breakfast done, after I have at least an hour of quiet time to myself. So far this hasn’t been a thing. Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up earlier, but I’m not really an early bird everyday.


The most important meal of the day. The first thing you pop in your mouth to give you energy for X amount of hours to ensure your day runs smoothly. Only issue with that is that I’m not always hungry in the morning, but I have waking up super hungry even though I eat a snack before bed after dinner. I’m going to gain so much weight taking this route, but hopefully it’s in a good way. I need to implement working out in my morning routines. Yoga, or something, in the yard as I take in fresh air.


Even though I aim to never punch another clock, I still need to make money for myself for various reasons. I don’t need, or want, anyone to feel as though they have to take care of me, but I do need help from time to time. Help is a busy avenue. You have to be able to help yourself, and you must be willing to help others as well. With that being established, I can’t simply spend my days on the sofa watching Supernatural, or Tyler Perry’s For Better Or Worse, all day and expect to keep everything I have, and obtain more.


An easy way to not punch a clock, but make a decent amount of cash day to day


Write about your experiences, research new things and inform others, write poetry, make your blog visual (VLOG), HOWEVER YOU WANT TO DO IT! GET YOUR VOICE HEARD and GET PAID TO DO IT!

These two are my focus points for this morning. I will let you guys know how my day actually goes. I have to clean the house because regularly cleaning will ensure you live in a clean environment. HOARDERS HOUSES IS WHAT NIGHTMARES ARE MADE OF. I refuse! Until next time you guys! Love.







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