Dear Diary

September 30, 2022
3:57 PM
Fatigue creeping in; Eyes fightin to stay open

Stumbling over words; Mind fighting to stay focused

Small accomplishments : inner peace :: inner peace : sanity


  • Link posts to the correct pages for views convience💚🖤💙Y’ALL ARE LOVING ON ME, SO I SHALL RETURN THE FAVORS! THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT THUS FAR; MORE TO COME!!!!
  • 🅰️ Drop informative post 🤑#MoneyMakingMissions🤑with REMINDERS and NEW LEGIT APPS THAT PAY 🅱️ W.O.D ©️ Fun Fact
  • Draft DID YOU KNOW? “Get to know me” page 🅰️ random D.Y.K facts with citations and page tags
  • Continue/complete THINKFUL online assessment(s)
  • Record audio for available posts
  • Edit posts; NEW links,promotional deals, fun facts, videos, and MORE!!!! Honestly, whatever I find while scrolling whatever platform I’m on and I find interesting will be dropped in for public display and DISCUSSION.
  • Research marketing techniques; rough draft portfolio spreadsheet for all social media platforms, and the upcoming Black Tie date of Random-RanDumb-Dish: Catering ‘SLOGAN COMING SOON’
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Outside of my online to-do list, I have to take time for not only my family, but myself! So, right now, as I casually lounge in my car while smoke a cigarette (Pall Mall, black: 100 to be exact; BY CHOICE, Newports just ain’t cutting it no more).


Real Reasons to Reconsider

[FACTUAL,tagged,quoted with citations]

ONLY completed copies found in posts I.E NO setage

💎Inside of D.Y.K PAGE 🤫 💎💎
1️⃣ topic = detailed post w/ HELLA opinionated sidebars
3️⃣ to 5️⃣ topics fully described with limited FREE sidebars

🗣️🗣️Aaayyyyeeeee yoooooooooo 🗣️🗣️

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Awesome sauce!!! Thanx y’all!!







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  1. Hey y’all! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT! Don’t forget to I’m always comment friendly ! #RANdomResponseRangeOpen


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