… Self-sabotaged accidentally on purpose; intented to produce great things for the future, however rushed and ugly in presentation style due to improper pre-planning, and strategizing; failure to properly prepare ensuring failure in performance(s)?

… Filling my mouth only with biscuits, knowledgeable, well aware, of the previous notion of, “lack of beverage(s) required to successfully swallow in a comfortable manner,” was not yet obtainable due to circumstances?

… Filled my bowl to the brim with hot, curiously colored soup; one in which I blindly accepted, salted without testing, then walked from the top floor of an establishment, ignoring all signs of elevators, only to choose the stairs regardless of possibly losing some possibly delicious treat?

… Ordered two sandwiches, prior to the one currently inhabiting the placemat heading the seat in which I sit, completely alone, due to anticipation of unfilled hunger before inhaling the entire product along with a beverage before an official result could be considered accurate?

All three are destined for sure personal failure extending to lose of funds and products as well. Granted that’s never stopped me before, daily contemplations, as well as reflections have become recurring.


Percurler in nature with extremely high inquisitive tendencies since September of ’95, hard-headed, ambitious, complex yet simple to self; I’ve discovered several random facts about myself. One in which stands true until this very day; I tend to thrive under pressure versus being one to correctly manage copious amounts of free time properly in search of success. Often this results in the beginnings of more than one per mission, and while I am undistracted, focused, zoned-out of Earth to tune-into RANLAND (FUN FACT ALERT!), it has been proven that I am more, than less likely, found to be productive.

Differenitions, in my opinion, solely based upon minor things such as a task name and due date requirements have a greater focus points throughout society. Rather than measurements of retained knowledge, natural sustainability to prevail, or real-life capabilities an individual, using a biased, opinionated slew of personal comparisons, an extremely active teenager is equivalent to a fully active adult.

The person placed, thrown, or simply blissful yet ignorantly voluntarily entered the ratchet, racist, fucked-up world of adulting is responsible for managing priorities accordingly, both individually and accompanied at some point. Oblivious to the initial push, training begun while seemingly willful by individual, results from marketing techniques bestowed upon children by adults, the innocent curious mind, nature, of all “normal” functioning adolescent is hungry for more information in efforts of unlocking new achievements, gaining mastery of things presented as important as well as ensured, by various elders, will lead to a fruitful, financially stable future once implemented firmly by roots to the trunk of said person.


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Hence leading to all ability to stand on your own ten toes; leading young children to a self-sustaining life while remembering to provide thineself nutritional foods, and clean water, at the bare minimum as life progresses. Depending on the district school was attended, indicates the methods used to lightly force youth to learn mental, and physical, adjustment strategies during rapid changes, uncontrollable inflations, increase and decrease of available time between tasks, as well as daily reminders of starvation, and dehydration rates within humanity; tramtizinlgy forcing an ensuring stamp of possible outcomes, in what I would like to assume is an effort to merely expell all contemplation of failure, mentally labeling lack of “NO GO.” periods if one fails to properly budget said income. highly expensive with after years of constantly purchasing these items without hesitation, or completely from adopted habits, it seems quite easy for an experienced adult to forget the times when Raman was served day, week, month, and possibly year round. Some are fortunate to never experience the life of rice and eggs, hot-dogs without bread, lack of working facilities of some sort, or anything else found on the long list of hardships more than half of Americans alone without mention of the remaining population have faced at some point. smart is what I would like to call you, but in life you need to have a strong survival instinct, and prodomentally full-proof tactical extraction plan that can easily be altered to fit various situations, in order to ensure a floatation system. Floatation systems are used as last resort! When the ship crashes, and the life-boats are filled, one has found themselves in raging, unpredictable, dangerous waters.

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After further calculations, I am definitely in need of a loan. I need to get my LLC immediately, and completely start with nothing to worry about. At this moment, I’m sitting here with my daughter as I type this in the woods; live streaming on Twitch, because I need to monetize all my avenues. Great. All help is welcomed, however all information is needed!

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