Have you ever wanted to enter the mind of someone else? Have you ever felt alone in this large, overpopulated, cold-hearted world we live in? Have you gone through something you personally, silently suffering in silence, and found yourself smiling as pain covered your entirely?

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DEAR DIARY goes deeper! I’ve noticed I have failed to record my everyday life, and I know exactly why. TOO MUCH SCREEN TIME! While effortlessly working to get to the next level in life, maintaining things currently obtained is highly prioritized in order to successfully move forward. On this site, the main objective is money! Making content to help increase funds while learning how to begin different streams of income as well.

Random-Ran-Dumb-Ish is slowly turning it’s gaging focus on being primarily for business. Leading out with a strong business plan, menu prices, product releases, etc. This will not leave much room for me to creatively write. Writing information will be found completely for free, along with examples, however new content releases will be primarily found within Creative Content Corner.

Triple C’s is in dedication to breaking down certain life experiences in hopes to begin an engaging audience. It takes conversing with others to bring one out of their own head. Being among humanity often brings life to things you work hard to keep discreet, or completely hidden, for one reason or the next. This is problematic behavioral instilled from an early age in most young adults these days, but not all. The feeling of “no one cares,” or the inevitable internal need to “not be a bitch,” or “wear your emotions on your sleeves,” has taken over, which does not leave room for true healing; if no one can vent, no one can heal.


I’ve been in some seriously fucked up situations which resulted terribly for me. I blame myself for majority of situations in which ended extremely caotic and I’ve taken full responsility for the roles I played. I do regret putting energy in some people, and situations, but I know I am not a victim because I put myself in there. NO I AM NOT IN DENIAL. I fully understand how many people are required while performing the once exceedingly popular Tango and that my friends, are where the deeply rooted issues of “forgiveness” or “letting-go; getting over it,” began many years ago.


'Poetic Playground, Creator's Circus'

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