Hola! Que pasa mi amigos. I haven’t actually posted here in a few days. I completely blame my addiction to this little blue app called FACEBOOK! I REALLY HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM! NO MATTER HOW HARD I TRY I CAN’T STAY OFF THE APP! I literally close the app only to open it again. I… Read more

  • Undecided Intentions Undone

    A C E B D F A small townGeorgia girl Dreams so hugeWorld so small Wanted more Drive deterred Hope and fear;Frustrated rage Beginnings Difference Grand, mighty ResistanceOf silenceAloud, screams She is II am sheAlarmingTransforming Informing EveryoneEverything Who has time When Silence Screams, when all Darkness shines Lighting seams I am RAN Creator of RanDumbIsh;A… Read more

  • Time; Cycles; Seasons, Change

    Feb 2022, a man entered my life which is not unusual, but what is strange is that he’s still here. Read more

  • Ran&Entrepreneurship

    WRITTEN RANT 01:10/11 DEAR DIARY Difference : Format; Presentation; title HAVE YOU EVER HEARD Research comma instant What You NeedTo cite a website, you should have the following information:Author.Title of source.Title of the container,Other contributors (names and roles), Version,Number,Publisher,Publication date,Location of the source (such as DOI, URL, or page range). MLA 9: Citing Websites With… Read more

  • Realization

    I love being loved I love it so Sitting with you, late night, watching the night lights grow Under a moon lit sky The fire you built Warm and bright, fighting the cold I feel; blues softly plays The mood, the vibe, you love the flow; white halo glowing, star of the show I love… Read more

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