I am talking to myself, but as I ask questions there is a certain need for [OPTIONAL] unbiased opinions from those window shopping my life; looking at my clothes line; standing outside looking in.

I CAN DO RESEARCH ALL DAY. I CAN READ. I CAN LEARN. I CAN TEACH MYSELF BY VISUALLY OBSERVING INFORMATION THEN REPEATING ACTIONS UNTIL PERFECTION IS OBTAINED. That will never help me understand other point of views outside of my own perspective. “Beauty being in the eyes of the beholder,” and P.E.R.S.P.E.C.T.I.V.E is as such.

Due to this being for my podcast as well as my blog I feel compelled to hand-write, and type, an official letter to all of you who have lackadaisically wandered to [SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM ENTRY POINT] RANLAND ‘Poetic Playground, Creator’s Circus’.

                29 days of 2023 have gone by (January 29, 2023) simultaneously with precisely 42 minutes after one past Midnight (1:42AM) yet I sit here writing continuously to clear my head, empty my mind, find inner peace, and answers for myself while giving everyone something to consider.


It is all about me at this point, but only because I can only speak for myself. I am not profound in the art of telepathy, mind-reading, psychology, or sociology either. I can’t tell you why I do some of the things I do. Imagine a person proficient in Automaniacs successfully teaching a course on “How to Successfully Complete Open Heart Surgery; proper organ removal postmortem.Would you honestly attend after viewing one’s credentials?

Consideration of true intentions of who I am, where I am from, where I am going; why, how, what, etc., while simultaneously attempting to enlighten, ignite flames of, self-realizations in the hearts, souls, and minds of those who are participating via reading, viewing, or listening. Things such as the life you have chosen to live, the actions you have chosen, and where you have allowed yourself to be while understanding NOT EVERYTHING IS COMPLELELY YOUR FAULT, but you must admit when wrong-doings are truly yours.



For example, the life I have chosen to live is not for the weak willed or those faint of heart. It never fails to S.U.R.P.I.S.E M.E. or A.M.A.Z.E. M.E, so to speak, regardless of the level of positivity, or dreaded inevitable negativity, actions and/ or results.

{“Seriously, I never really know what to expect and I am TIRED! Everyday there’s something new, another obstacle. I must listen to my OG. It is now imperative!}

                Throughout the years as strive to Grow and Develop overall, I have been searching for the purpose of LIFE AND LIVING in general. During my search I have become socks, purchased merely days prior, washed, tossed, dried, and too no one’s surprise lead to separation into individual from pair; Lost x Gorilla Zoe. Despite obtaining copious amounts of information over time from outside sources summed with first-hand experiences of various natures the point of anything has yet to become clear. I have yet to find the purpose of any of this. “This” being life in a general aspect NOT just as an individual exploration; nor neglecting the need to decipher Fantasy and Reality. Inside of my mind, there are “F.A.C.T.S” life have deduced as medial, not important for actual existence outside of that situation.

IF IT DOES NOT AFFECT A MASS POPULATION OF PEOPLE THEN IT IS RENDERED “OUTDATED; USELESS; POINTLESS? QUESTION: WHY? Why do people feel as though knowing how to use specific terms to communicate


IF P.E.R.S.P.E.C.T.I.V.E. is personally-based, bias, and opinionated then define normality; simply the average of behaviors studies. What is the TRUE P.U.R.P.O.S.E when conformity has been forced upon society as a whole?

                The purpose of this S.E.G.M.E.N.T. one, P.A.R.T. one of Figuring This Ish Out is dedicated to finding the point of: RAN, RANLAND, RANDOM-RAN-DUMB-ISH AND DISH, 6ONNIE G, MIMI, MIRAN, MIRANDA, JAMM, CAKE BOSS; explaining why, what, when, where, how, and once again WHY. While I ask myself questions, I must verbalize these thoughts to the best of my ability due to poor mental health and social skills.


“Emotionally, I’m an introvert, but it comes off as aggression.”
-Kevin Gates X Perfect Impression


“Sometimes you have to relive the past in order to heal from it….I’m a prisoner in my own mind. I feel like these walls talking to me”
-Kevin Gates X Walls Talking


In a nutshell..


..PRIOR TO release of growing seed, gravity took over; hence nut exposed


hitting the ground (FALLING) from high (HORSE) branch of tree.


I am building an empire for the future or my family.

“Ran, you’re chasing. I see it. Stop. Slow down. You must make time for them first. She needs a schedule.” -OG <Ma Dukes>


OG has been here since birth and will be here until death

The same message once again has come back to me from another source yet much closer.


P.O.F: (Point of Focus)

It’s important that I find an effective schedule, pull my own weight, slow down, learn, look, and listen. The time to speak will come, and when my voice returns as a Lioness [LIONESS:QUEEN:REAL WOMAN:: H20: HYDRATION: WATER]. TOO SHALL I; I shall too roar loudly, proudly, and it shall be respected. For now, I’m in the shadows. I am the ghost in the machine, the watchful eyes you feel upon your backside as you sit alone; studying, preparing, premeditating a positive change for a strong foundation.



Ran of RanDumbIsh

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