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Ran of RanDumbIsh

The One & Only Ran


AGE: 27

Zodiac Sign: September Virgo

Kids: 3 πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ–€

OCCUPATION: Chef/Line Cook

Relationship Status: Dating Random Old Dude; showing him off is questionable. . I’m probably going to do it regardless for real life blogging material.

Beginning Blogger

STAY AT HOME MOM LIFE WANTED : I need more time at home while making money in the process.

Blog Segments


Everyone loves a great dish, but not everyone can cook. I’m here to showcase some of my talents in the kitchen and hopefully get some recognition as well.

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Short stories and poems have been secretly a passion that I have never publicly expressed until now! While I take my Dear Diary segment to keep my blog actively updated on a daily basis, there will be short shorties or poems that may accidentally originate from there as well. I will have a page dedicated to all my creative writing content called RanLand. A safe space dedicated to my voice, my thoughts, my opinions, and more!

#RanRants #DearDiary #ShortStory #Poems #Music #RANdomResponses #RANdomReviews



It’s only natural to try and figure out different, more efficient, ways to make money in your own time. Over time I’ve read different articles, and I’ve tried various tactics to accomplish this mission. This segment is dedicated to the research I’ve done and answers I’ve come across. There will be links and promotions involved as well so be sure to check this page out ! MORE MONEY ON YOUR OWN TIME FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR COUCH! LINKS WILL ALSO BE AVAILABLE!

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